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The Wooden Bowl


As a Zero to Hero participant my 20th task is to add a new page to my blog.

So I did.

“The Wooden Bowl”



Only in Seattle

shaped like an idiot

As a Zero to Hero participant my 19th task is to publish a post in a format that I have never used before.   My theme does not support formats, so I have opted to embed an audio file.   Can you guess who this idiot is?   His picture is not worthy of my page.


Social Media? No thanks.

social mediaAs a Zero to Hero participant my 18th task is to explore one or more social networks, and start an account so I can begin exploring the possibilities. Then set up Publicize and link the account to my blog and/or create a strategy for how I’ll use it.


Social media?  Yeah.  Thanks.  But no thanks.

I hope there are not many more tasks that are linked to this challenge because my Zero to Hero participation will have come to an end.


Confidence Needed?


As a Zero to Hero participant my 17th task is to increase my commenting confidence by reading at least six and commenting on at least two of the posts submitted for yesterday’s Daily Prompt.

I am pretty sure I can communicate well. Some people have even said too well (you know who you are) so this was not much of a challenge. The bigger challenge would have been to learn when to keep my mouth shut. The hardest part of completing this task was trying to write the post on my mobile app while on a road trip. In service. Out of service. You know the drill.

I read several of the pingbacks on the daily prompt. Let me first voice my frustration with bloggers who ping back or post in categories where thier post has nothing to do with the post or category they have attached to. Do they really have a need to be read that badly? Please. Write a book. Get a publisher. Do something other than waste my time.

A couple posts did stand out to me:

The brutal honesty of Alexia Jones on her reputation.

And Marla’s Musings who pits being liked and being respected against each other. Very well written.

I’m a Princess


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 16th task is to write a post based on today’s Daily Prompt::

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

Oh Lord! When I read today’s daily prompt I chose to stay as far away from that as I could. And then my walls came crashing down on me when I read the challenge for today.

Sigh..where to start. I have worked for my company for more than twenty years. Even though i have to be somewhat of a bitch in my profession, I almost immediately got a reputation of being a “Princess”. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because I am so sweet and innocent? Probably not. Because I try to excel at anything I do, I usually do things well. I got the name “Princess” because over time everyone thought I could do no wrong. What a burden to carry all these years. Sometimes I just want to say “F@#% It”!

As I have aged I am almost sure I have graduated from “Princess” to “Queen”. I have had a memo on my desk for a few years from one of my managers that says:

I will do anything you say to do or any thing you ask of me, because you are the Queen”

And most recently one of the girls in the office cut something similar to this from a magazine and gave it to me:

When I retire, I am sure to receive my crown. It’s all in good fun …. I think 🙂

Do I look good in …. Orange?


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 15th task is to open the customizer and try out some new fonts and colors.

I do that quite a bit.   I don’t know ….

” Do I look good in Orange?”

I am Lion – Hear Me Roar

lionAs a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 14th task is to do as I please.   It is my choice.   So today, I choose to rest.   Have an awesome morning, day, or evening.   Until tomorrow …..

Blogroll? Same as getting my groove on?

thE0VMNBUGAs a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 13th  task is to create, edit or expand my blog roll. Well, I didn’t have a blog roll so I learned something new today.   I added one, but did not have a lot of time to put thought into it.   I hope to expand on it later.  I really like the idea and the concept of it though.

What path are you walking?


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 12th  task is to take inspiration from the blogs I visited and commented on yesterday and publish a post of my own.  The blog I am choosing is that of Secret Angel.   She posted this picture with words of her own.  The first 4 lines of her poetry says it all.   If only more people would walk through life realizing this …..

As we walk through life,
we make decisions everyday…
every place that we go,
and every word that we say.

We All Need HELP at Some Point


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 11th  task is to be a good neighbor, leave at least three comments and share some links you love with your readers.

I try to comment on posts that touch my emotions.  Some make me laugh.  Some make me cry.  Some make me think.   Some teach me.   There is a variety of topics that can be found, an abundance of sites you can learn from and opinions on any subject matter can be found.   I would call WordPress the Webster’s Dictionary of Life.

Today, instead of linking to those sites that I may have commented on I am choosing to pick one of my sites that has touched my heart.

We have never met.  We have never emailed each other.   We have never spoken.   Yet I find myself thinking about her every day.  Although the site isn’t what one would define as exciting, it is the epitome of what WordPress is all about.    To be honest, I am not even sure how I stumbled upon it.    She is someone in need.  She is doing all the right things, therapy, medicine, religion, self-improvement, etc. but still cannot find the answers.  Perhaps if she knew your story, or if knew she was not alone, it would lift her spirits.  Sometimes people just need to hear different opinions or be exposed to different outlooks.  Sometimes people just need a purpose.  She is an awesome photographer and can be found at Anne F Kelly 62.

I don’t have a lot of followers, so I encourage people to re-blog my post, or to link her site on yours so others can contact her and perhaps enrich her life.