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Done. I’m so done.

thAs a Zero to Hero participant my 30th and last task (Thank God!) is to extend my brand.  And to think about a bigger strategic plan for promoting my online presence, and set a goal for the next 30 days.

I have never been so glad to complete a challenge.   What the hell is my “brand”?  I really don’t care about my online presence.   Nor do I have a goal for the next 30 days.   Except to rest.   Yes, I will take a few days off and enjoy the Super Bowl.

Thank you to the “team of Top Blogging Experts”.   As sarcastic as I am. I did actually learn a few things over the last 30 days.


Event Calendar

Exquisite-Designs-Calendar-2014-9As a Zero to Hero participant my 29th (and almost final!) task is to continue to set myself up for post-Zero to Hero success by thinking through my editorial calendar and adding a regular feature if it works for my blog.

I have a sister blog (Every Day in 2014) that is somewhat structured as I post only in response to the 365 e-book of Writing Prompts.   I really enjoy that blog as it allows me to tell a little bit about myself each day based on the prompt.   I may get a little creative with it later, but for now I like the direction it is going.

As for this blog, I do try and post only a picture on Wordless Wednesdays and I have recently started the “Speakeasy” challenge over at Yeahwrite.  It has been fun and I would encourage other bloggers to sign up and join the fun.   Other than these two “regular features” I would rather keep my blog spontaneous, like I am.


Almost a Hero!

As a Zero to Hero participant, my 28th task is to start looking for patterns in my blog’s performance and build on my most popular content.  Today, I am to find the post that received the most views, likes and comments and write a related post.  The following post was in response to the weekly photo challenge:  Juxtaposition   A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”

I really don’t know how to elaborate much about a photo, other than that I knew immediately what picture I wanted to post in response to this challenge.   The photo taken in 2006 at the Monster Truck Jam in Houston.  My youngest son was 14 and we had a blast.   It was really loud in Reliant Stadium.   Next week I take his daughter, my granddaughter, back to the same location for Sesame Street Live!  I can’t wait!


My Prayer

Woman-Pulling-Hair-outAs a Zero to Hero participant my 27th task is to remember that we are constantly refining, evolving, and improving our sites as we go.  Today I am to pick one of the favorite tasks we have done so far and revisit it.


Oh God, please help me complete this Zero to Hero challenge.   Only three more days left.  It is a task to simply keep doing the same thing over and over.  My mind wants to grow.  I am stagnant.   I just got my hair done, please keep me from pulling it out.  Amen


Setting Myself Up for … Greatness?

almost doneAs a Zero to Hero participant my 26th task is to take stock of what I’ve published and set myself up for more greatness over the next 30 days.   Today I am to look over what I have published.   What have I been most proud of?  What are the common threads?  Which have been most popular?   I need to create and save at least two draft posts with ideas that come from those.  I am starting to realize that perhaps I was not quite a Zero because some of these “challenges” are not a challenge and are very redundant to me.   Nonetheless I am focused on finishing the challenge.  I am glad that it is almost complete and hope that there is a big-bang on the last day.   I did the challenge and will post the drafts at a later date.   Hint:  Before the Super Bowl this weekend.


My Custom Touch

As a Zero to Hero participant my 25th task is to browse the blogs I follow and note a custom touch I love and then tell the blogger I love it, and interpret it for my own blog.  I don’t really want to add anymore “zing” to my page, but I have browsed a few and these are the ones I may “borrow” from.


Ok.  It sounded good.  I tried, I really did.   But the reason I follow the blogs that I follow is in part due to their simplicity.   I like the simple pages that can be easily read and have interesting content.    I can’t comment sincerely on a page that I don’t like, just because they have something on their page that I don’t.   Sorry, I just can’t do it.  But I really did try.

Event Update

As a Zero to Hero participant my 24th task to visit five other participants in the event you chose with task 22 and leave at least two comments. (Read and comment more if you can!)   The following are the events I chose.  The Speakeasy does not start again until Sunday, so I will have to wait on this one and do it tomorrow.   I have not decided if I want to commit to the Daily Wisdom event yet.   Six more days of Zero to Hero and then I can get back to blogging ….

speakeasy1I like the event called “The Speakeasy” by yeah write.

soundeagle-in-daily-wisdom-three-hearts-and-swirls-of-gypsy-delight-thumbnailAnd Daily Wisdom by Sound Eagle looks interesting too.

Houston Round Up – Yee Haw

round upAs a Zero to Hero participant my 23rd challenge is to publish a “Round-Up” that links posts to at least three other blogs, and to tell you why I love them and why you should read them.

This really does not seem too different from the other “challenges” of late.  But here I go, these are the blogs I am going to include in my “Round Up”


3-Word Wisdom  Short, sweet, thought provoking.  Simple reading on a daily basis.  Well, almost daily.


365 Things I Love About My Husband – Seriously? I just want to see if she can do it.  So far .. not so good.  But we have 341 more days.  It could be interesting if we prod her along in her blog.

cropped-angel_by_vampirenish1Serendipity – Truly sick writing.  In a truly sick way.


Blog Events

As a Zero to Hero participant my 22nd task is to find a blogging event and throw my hat into the ring.   I visited some of the blogging events at the Blog Event Listings. I think I may take a crack at a couple of them, but I will probably wait until the Zero to Hero Challenge is over.

speakeasy1I like the event called “The Speakeasy” by yeah write.

soundeagle-in-daily-wisdom-three-hearts-and-swirls-of-gypsy-delight-thumbnailAnd Daily Wisdom by Sound Eagle looks interesting too.

Gone Viral


nfl today

As a Zero to Hero participant my 21st  task is to publish a post inspired by my post from Day 19 (new format) and publicize it on one of by social networks.

Since I don’t really want to elaborate on the idiot I dedicated my Day 19 Post  to it is hard for me to be inspired to write another post on the subject.   It has gone viral and I am disappointed in myself for having contributed to it.  It’s done.  No going back.  No changing it.   I also cannot publicize on any of my social networks because by preference I don’t have any.   So I will leave you all with this:

Go Broncos!