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As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 5th task was to try out different themes.  Yay!  I got a break that day as I already have several themes saved.    My 6th task it is publish a post that includes a new-to-me element.  I am to use or embed something like a video, or a photo, an instagram or a tweet or a myriad of other options.   Yeah … No.  Not today.  You know what is a new-to-me element?  Ranting.  A post that is not proof read, does not apply punctuation and ignores grammar altogether.  (And for those of you who are thinking all of my posts are like that … Bite Me…this is the start of my rant)

I’m sick to my stomach.  I am a football fan.  I have compassion.   Now that you know that, this recent NFL Concussion Settlement is a crock of shit.  I’m angry.   As much as the spectators enjoy the sport, let us not forget that this is a profession for the athletes.   This is the chosen profession and the athletes are paid very well.   They are paid to hit hard and paid to take hard hits.   They are not forced to do this anymore that I am forced to set at a desk and stare at a computer while my ass grows larger day by day.  It is a choice.  And now, the NFL is responsible for paying these athletes in the aftermath for the choices they have made?

Can I sue my employer for the poor vision I will suffer in a few years for staring at a computer all day?   Can I sue him for my large ass I look at every morning that has developed from sitting at a desk for the most part of eight to ten hours a day?   Can I sue him for my hearing loss I will sustain because of the headset I wear?   Huh?  I can’t hear you?  (Ok, just kidding).   The answer is “No”.  I can’t sue him for any of these things.  This is my profession that I have chosen, aside from the risks.  It is no different.   Wait, that’s not true, there is a difference.  The difference is that these athletes are getting paid millions of dollars to do something they love to do.   Something they have a passion for.  Something that they are driven by.   I read earlier today …”The issue of brain injury will haunt football as long as large men slam their helmeted heads into one another” …. It is not rocket science.  These athletes knew the risk when they signed on to play.  Just as the Nascar drivers know they can crash and burn.  Just as pilots know they can hit bad weather.   Just as office workers know they may develop a large ass.  It is a choice.  You chose the level of risk.

Okay, don’t scold me and say that the NFL is a 10-billion dollar a year business.   All companies large and small are in the business to make money.  We live and breathe in a capitalist economy.  This is what we are built on.    So no bullshit about how the NFL profits and so now they must pay.  They have already paid.  Good business is good business, they should not be penalized.   Besides, isn’t the athlete money driven as well?  Isn’t this why they take such a risk?

And how will money make a difference now?  Will the money somehow make these athletes accountable for the poor choices they made in life?   At what point does the athlete become accountable for his choices?  Instead of the NFL having to pay out on this “concussion settlement”, why don’t they take that money and offer bonuses to the young men who actually graduate with a college degree before entering the NFL?  With today’s draft, these athletes will have nothing to fall back on in the event of injury.  Then what?  Do they get to sue the NFL for depression and being homeless?  These are boys (not men) making choices.  And these are choices that the parents are encouraging these boys to make.  These boys can’t make these choices any more than they can manage they money they are about to be given.

And why should the family get to profit from the loss of their loved one?  It’s sickening.  Let them rest in peace for God’s sake.  Do you not have any morals?  Perhaps that is the problem to begin with, morals, or lack there of.  Were these athletes raised with morals? Do they have a relationship with God?   Do they respect their parents?  Headlines mentioned a recent lawsuit filed by the family of an athlete (team/athlete intentionally omitted) who shot the mother of his child (notice, I did not say his wife) and then shot himself.   Now the family wants to blame the NFL for this?  Do you think there may have been some moral issues that the athlete was dealing with?  Perhaps some emotional issues?  C’mon we all have issues.  We all screw up.  Be accountable.  Stop blaming others.  How in God’s name can the family justify benefiting from such a tragedy?  And remember the quarterback (team/athlete intentionally omitted) whose mistress shot and killed him?  I didn’t read about his wife suing the NFL for his being away from home so much that he hooked up with a mistress who eventually killed him.  Although, it is never too late I suppose.

I will stop my rant.  Why?  You ask?   Because it is my choice. Life and death are both about the choices we make.

NFL – Divisional Play-Offs


Well, I did pretty well with the Wild Card games, lets see if I can pick the Divisional Champs now.   This is hard, because I am going with both my heart and my head.  Maybe I will get lucky (again).

Game One – New Orleans and Seattle




I would really love for New Orleans to win since I will be In New Orleans soon, but I am a realist and I know that Seattle is the better team.   I think I will have to root for Seattle on this one!

Game Two – Indianapolis and New England




I just can’t do it.  Tom Brady and the Patriots may have the better team but I have morals.  Rooting for the Patriots would be like rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.  Ummm … No.   Going for the Colts here.   Andrew …. show me some luck!

Game Three – San Francisco vs North Carolina




Hmmmm … I really don’t know anything about the Panthers.   As much as I hate to do it, I have to go for the 49ers.  At the end of the weekend, it really doesn’t matter because both the Saints and the Seahawks can beat either team.

Game Four – San Diego vs Denver




Sorry Becky, but this is a no brainer here.  There is simply no way the Chargers can win against Peyton Manning and the Broncos! But now that they have legalized marijuana in Colorado, your boys may still have a good time.

Oh God! I’m in Trouble.

thR932KILNAs a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 4th task is to engage with the community, and follow five new topics in the Reader.   What?  Really?  Seriously, five new topics?

I already follow these:  Comedy, Confidence, Daily Prompt, Death, Faith, Football, Forgiveness, Grandchildren, Happiness, Houston, Jokes, Kindness, Laughter, Loneliness, Love, Love Stories, Music, Peace, Pets, Poetry, Postaday, Prayer, Reality, Recovery, Romance, Sports, Success, Texans, Thanks, Today, Wisdom, Wordless Wednesday, Zerotohero.

But OK .. Mr. and Mrs. Team of Top Expert Bloggers, I will accept your Zero to Hero challenge and give honor to the first blog that comes up in my new categories:

Cooking:   My husband will appreciate this one, if I actually learn something from it.   The first post I read was from Roots and Vines, who is grounding your diet so you can reach out.  The post is “Our favorite recipes of 2013”.   Looks like an interesting site.  I may just have to follow it.

Exercise My husband will appreciate this one too  (hahaha).   Actually, he could care less what I weigh or how I look.  But I am a better wife when I am healthy so I hope to learn from this one too.    The first post I read was from Dream Big – Live Amazing, who says that something magnificent is right in front of you, just look for it!   She obviously is not standing in front of my mirror.  She reminds us in her post “Comfort and Joy? How about Discomfort and Joy?” that we will all be sore if we intend to achieve our goals in diet and exercise. Get Uncomfortable – Make that your #1 goal every day!

Bridgewater:   I figured I better follow this one since he will most likely be the next quarterback for the Texans.   The first post I read was from CBS Houston and Sports Radio 610, talking about how Teddy Bridgewater needs to be our first pick in the draft.   At this point, I will be happy as long as it is not Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football.  Not that he isn’t a great athlete or an awesome quarterback, I just don’t think he is the right “character” for Houston.

Parenting:  Regardless of the stage you are at in parenting, this topic will be good to follow.   Parenting changes all of the time, sometimes daily, so this blog topic should be interesting.  The first post I read was from Not Another Daddy Blog, who then admits, well, OK, it totally is.  The blog appears to be a blog of short stories about being a Dad, with the latest “The Triumphant and Unexpected Return of Walter the Dolphin”.  I could use another perspective I suppose.

Chocolate:  Chocolate and Cheetoes are my downfall.  Now I can read about it!    The first post I read was from The Sweat Angel, who has a blog on fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.   What? A nutrition blog with a “chocolate” tag?  Her post is a recipe for Chocolate Honey Peanut Butter Protein Bites … Yummy.  This is a sign from God …..

Just clearing my head ….

856c36f25e64baf489922eec5bae0feb As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 3rd task is to state what is on my mind or why I started my blog.

Quite frankly, football is on my mind right now.  Watching KC and the Colts and it is not looking to good at the moment, I hope my whole weekend doesn’t go this way!  But, I know this is not REALLY what the challenge is asking for so I will move on.

I started m blog as a way to clear my head.   I have trouble sleeping because my mind won’t stop turning.  I write best in the wee ours of the morning while everyone else is sleeping.  I will write things I would not otherwise say.  I try to communicate my feelings and help others understand me and my thought process.   I like to make people laugh and to make them feel good about themselves and blogging is a great way of doing that.  Blogging can also be a way to tear someone to pieces so I try to be careful not to be too negative in my blog but still stay true to myself.   Just as there are many things that I regret saying, I am sure there will be many things I will regret posting, but hopefully I can learn from it.

I am somewhat creative and use this as an outlet since I don’t really like the social Devil, what it stands for or the drama it causes in life.  You know  what I am talking about, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etcetera. If I told you that I met my husband on MySpace (belly laughing right now), you would wonder how I can say that social media is the Devil.  Our meeting was quite by accident.  But that is another story for another day.

What’s in a Name?

zero-to-hero As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 2nd task is to edit my title and tagline and flesh them out more in a widget.

I don’t know, I kind of like my Title (Better than Reality) and I like my tagline (My Choice, My Life, My Destiny).  They both kind of define my blog and what it is all about.   I did accept the challenge defining my site and putting the widget to the right.  Literally as you can see.  I hope you like it.  I am open to suggestions if you can come up with something catchy for me.   I will even consider the suggestions from some of my “smarter” followers, aka smartasses.   🙂

Who am I and Why am I Here

zero-to-heroAs a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my first task is to create a post explaining to my readers who I am and why I am here.   I am going to keep it short and sweet ….

I am a simple girl with a lot on my mind but little to say.  I was born in Michigan but moved to Texas when I was seven.   I consider myself a Texan.  There is only one food that I can say I definitely do not like … beets.  Many people I have come in contact with in my lifetime say I have a knack for writing, but it is hard for me to write when I am not inspired.   I often wear my heart on my sleeve.   While I don’t care for drama, I am very passionate.  Often people confuse my passion about certain issues for drama.  I have learned to pick my battles and keep my mouth shut – I guess some people call it growing older and wiser.  I am somewhat opinionated but try not to pass judgment on others.

I started blogging as a way to communicate and express my feelings and to unload / recharge my mind.  In the few short months I have had the blog I have learned a lot about people and their different beliefs and opinions.   I love to learn about different things and blogging on WordPress is a good avenue for that.  I really don’t have any expectations from my blog other than to perhaps grow as a person.    I welcome comments (and criticism), so bring it on.

NFL Football – Sunday January 5


It’s that time.   Great Football !! 

I don’t know too much about the Chargers and the Bengals.     Philip Rivers seems like he’s a nice guy and is deserving of a title and could probably win if his teammates stayed in the locker room and off the internet (sorry  Manti) so I think I will cheer for the Chargers.  (This one is for you Becky)

Decisions.  Decisions.   Last year I rooted for the Packers and that did not end well for me.   Or did it?  I was able to buy my Ravens shirt, paint my nails purple and watch Baltimore beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, even after the lights went out.   Hmmm … seems like another good plan, so I will root for the 49ers to win this game.

Who do you think is going to win?  And Why?



(You can see the results when you vote)

NFL Football – Saturday January 4


It’s that time.   Great Football !! 

Kansas City has been playing well and probably deserves the win, but I will be rooting for the Colts.  I choose the Colts not because of Andrew Luck, but simply because I rooted for them for so many years when Manning was there and old habits are hard to break.  Aside from that, my brother, who is a Giants fan (Gag Me) lives in Indianapolis and after the season the Giants had (HaHaHa) he needs something to smile about.

As for game two, I will definitely be rooting for the Saints.  I plan to be in New Orleans during the conference play-offs and if the Saints make it that far Bourbon Street will be fun atmosphere and a place to make memories.    And I adore Sean Payton.  I think he has a lot of heart and compassion.

Who do you think is going to win?  And Why?



(You can see the results when you vote)

Wordless Wednesday


Restless Nights


It’s not that his snoring keeps me awake, I’ve gotten used to it.  My thought process just never rests.  My imagination gets the best of me.  And I just don’t sleep well in general.

Sometimes, as I lay next to him, I wonder what is going through his mind.  Has he become part of a romantic dream where his arms are wrapped around me as we look out from atop the Eiffel Tower?   Does he envision  different scenarios of what our lives would be like today had we met sooner?  Does his mind wander off into a yes-no frenzy of unanswered questions? Or is he really just in a deep sleep?

Then at some point  his hand reaches out and touches me, almost as though its a habit, and I can fall to sleep for a few hours. Until his hand slips away and my eyes open.  And my imagination runs wild.   And I lay here wide awake, again.