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I Like It

NFL Today

It’s Hot in Texas


… what?

Did you think I was talking about the weather?

Perhaps the Spurs and the Rockets will provide a little more excitement next week.  Win – Win for this Texas gal.

The End ….


My birthday week started with a family dinner
last week at Toby Keith’s.


Then moved on to NOLA with my girlfriend for a weekend of …
well even if I could remember I’d never tell.

And today had an awesome lunch with my wonderful husband
and red velvet cake and icecream tonight. YUMMY!

Oh yeah, after being legal for almost a year,
my husband bought me this little cutie for my birthday!


Getting old isn’t so bad!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

The Weekly Photo Challenge

Split Second Story

Here I am, capturing an image that tells a full story in single image.
Dear God, please don’t let the story end like it did last year.
“I wanta see some nasty!”



Are You Kidding Me?


It’s April.  In Texas. Really?

Beyond Ridiculous


I live in Texas for a reason.  And this is not one of them.   Hating it today.

Wordless Wednesday


Texas Heroes

wpid-Stephen_f_austin.jpegStephen F. Austin

wpid-2013-11-03-22.50.04.pngSam Houston

wpid-220px-George_H._W._Bush_President_of_the_United_States_1989_official_portrait.jpegGeorge H. W Bush

wpid-220px-George-W-Bush.jpegGeorge W. Bush

wpid-177654808.jpegCase Keenum