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Smile. Sleep. Simplify.

2014-08-03 22.02.19 - Copy

This is the letter S of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.    Every few days I will be posting a phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet seeking your opinion or view on the phrase and how it relates to genuine happiness.

Love, love, love them all.   A smile takes much less energy than a frown.   I know some people who has a smile that makes them glow.   Sleeping, when I can, definitely puts a smile on my face.   And anything I can do to simplify things, in any aspect of my life, I am willing to do.   Sometimes, I am too simple.  I guess that is what makes me … me.

What is your opinion on the letter S:   Smile.  Sleep.  Simplify.

Leave a comment, write a post on your blog and ping back to me or tag your post with “ABC’s of Happiness” so I can find you in my reader.

Until next time … be thinking about the letter T:  Take power naps.  Talk Wisely.