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All Made-Up

ebd5f827-90f1-31ff-8c51-a21275a3a0bfToday was a good day.

After being home sick with a bacterial infection, today was the first day in over a week that I put make-up on.

As I applied my make-up I recall the words he once said to me: “You don’t need to put make-up on babe, you are beautiful just the way you are”.

If only the world could see me through his eyes.


The moment



I’m not normally one for flowers, would rather a nice steak, a new camera or a weekend rendezvous.   Yellow is my favorite color.  Seven Yellow roses …nestled with five red ones that signify each year of our marriage.   Now..that is sweet.

Correction 8/29/2013: So…my husband pointed out that it was 12 yellow and 5 red. I had to ask ..”Are you sure? Really?”…I should have known better. He’s always right ..sometimes. Thanks Babe!