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NFL Today

I’ll just call it “Hopeful Thursday” for now!


You Should Have Listened!


You know, you are my older brother.
Why didn’t you ever listen to Mother?
I remember the screaming well, don’t you?
You know you heard her, “Luv Ya Blue!”

Year after year you were defiant.
Never an Oiler, always a Giant.
You looked at Mom and boldly said
“I luv ya blue .. Blue and Red.”

You finally left Houston, had a chance to bolt
To support your new city and become a Colt
Support Peyton Manning? Oh dear God why?
You already had sweet little Eli.

So you stand there today,
confused and scratching your head,
Oh God Mom! Now they’re both Blue and Red
Let me remind you, my dear older brother
You really should have listened to mother

Luv Ya “Blue”. A rookie on our team?
No big brother this isn’t a dream
“Watt” just happened? Stop shaking your head
Cheer for Texans! Be a winner instead!

As much as I want to give you more grief,
There is for you a little relief.
I’ll give you some credit where credit is due,
You could have done like the others and be a Cowboy too.

Good Luck …you’re gonna need it!


What We Learned Today


While we think Grandkids are the most precious people who walk the earth, they think we are.


Four year olds have a vivid imagination and are much more creative than we are.


There is a real difference between glossy paint and flat paint, but either way the Texans shine.

What I hear when he says “Omaha”

Well, it is obvious that he does not come right out and tell you all what “Omaha” actually means.   I was going to wait until after the Superbowl, but I couldn’t hold it in any more.  This is what I hear when he screams “Omaha”:

Oh My Love
Marry me
All my babies

I am pretty sure that this is what most women hear.  There’s just something about a man with a crooked smile.

Gone Viral


nfl today

As a Zero to Hero participant my 21st  task is to publish a post inspired by my post from Day 19 (new format) and publicize it on one of by social networks.

Since I don’t really want to elaborate on the idiot I dedicated my Day 19 Post  to it is hard for me to be inspired to write another post on the subject.   It has gone viral and I am disappointed in myself for having contributed to it.  It’s done.  No going back.  No changing it.   I also cannot publicize on any of my social networks because by preference I don’t have any.   So I will leave you all with this:

Go Broncos! 

Only in Seattle

shaped like an idiot

As a Zero to Hero participant my 19th task is to publish a post in a format that I have never used before.   My theme does not support formats, so I have opted to embed an audio file.   Can you guess who this idiot is?   His picture is not worthy of my page.


Do I look good in …. Orange?


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 15th task is to open the customizer and try out some new fonts and colors.

I do that quite a bit.   I don’t know ….

” Do I look good in Orange?”

NFL – 3 out of 4?

divisionalWell, I guess 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.   I went with the Colts because I just don’t like the Patriots.   It would have been a stab in the heart to root for them.    I should have known better.   I never should have listened to my heart … when my head was telling me something else!

Becky, of all the games, the Chargers vs Broncos game was the best !!

NFL – Divisional Play-Offs


Well, I did pretty well with the Wild Card games, lets see if I can pick the Divisional Champs now.   This is hard, because I am going with both my heart and my head.  Maybe I will get lucky (again).

Game One – New Orleans and Seattle




I would really love for New Orleans to win since I will be In New Orleans soon, but I am a realist and I know that Seattle is the better team.   I think I will have to root for Seattle on this one!

Game Two – Indianapolis and New England




I just can’t do it.  Tom Brady and the Patriots may have the better team but I have morals.  Rooting for the Patriots would be like rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.  Ummm … No.   Going for the Colts here.   Andrew …. show me some luck!

Game Three – San Francisco vs North Carolina




Hmmmm … I really don’t know anything about the Panthers.   As much as I hate to do it, I have to go for the 49ers.  At the end of the weekend, it really doesn’t matter because both the Saints and the Seahawks can beat either team.

Game Four – San Diego vs Denver




Sorry Becky, but this is a no brainer here.  There is simply no way the Chargers can win against Peyton Manning and the Broncos! But now that they have legalized marijuana in Colorado, your boys may still have a good time.