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Now We’re Even

20141101_234347It seems like just yesterday

I was so much older than you

But now it is today

And you are 47 too!

The thought of growing old(er) is terrifying.  With every day, every month, every year there is “something” it seems.  But if I am to grow old I couldn’t ask for a better man or more understanding partner to do it with.  I hope we can make each other laugh and smile for many more years to come.

Live.  Love. Laugh.    Most of all … Laugh.


Happy Halloween !!


One of “Those” Days


Why you should never ask a three year old to smile for the camera


I Love Maria


This is actually in our kitchen at the office.  No doubt she had not had enough coffee that morning.

Schooled by a 3-year old

When a little girl gets invited to a birthday party for one of her little boyfriends and the theme is “your favorite super hero”, you apparently don’t make her wear this:


This has a boy on it.  And it is obviously meant to be worn by a boy.  I have officially been schooled in female super hero attire:


Thank God the next party theme is “Frozen”.  Hopefully I can get that right.  Although she was in shock when I told her I didn’t know how to do an “Elsa” braid.  Really? Let it go ….

Exercise Daily! Eat Fresh Foods!


This is the letter E of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.    Every few days I will be posting a phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet seeking your opinion or view on the phrase and how it relates to genuine happiness.

Exercising can definitely give you that boost you need when your feeling down. Somedays though its a Catch 22. You know, too tired to excercise. But tired because you didn’t excercise. I feel so much better after a good workout but gettting there somedays is difficult! Eating fresh foods? I don’t know. A good pizza puts a smile on my face ..Everytime.

What is your opinion on the letter E:   Exercise.  Eat fresh foods!

Leave a comment, write a post on your blog and ping back to me or tag your post with “ABC’s of Happiness” so I can find you in my reader.

Until next time … be thinking about the letter F:  Feel your emotions.  Face Fear.

Fishy Fishy


Of all the fish in the sea, I wonder how many were thrown back by a man who didn’t realize what he had? 

Happy Easter


Just felt like going the comical route today.  I hope everyone’s day was blessed.

US Postal Service

I think if we had postage stamps that looked like this more people would check their mail.