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Quartet of Radiance – Yep that’s definitely me.

Jenn at Jenn Lost in Chaos presented me with the Quartet of Radiance Award.  You should visit her blog to see (among other things) her ABC list of herself, its kid of hard to believe someone can be that sweet. This award is comprised of 4 awards.

Look don’t ask why I was awarded.  Maybe it is because of my influential awesome blog content that brings inner peace and sunshine into your world?   Or maybe not.

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The Rules provided to are:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award – did that
  2. Describe yourself with the alphabet – did it in less than 2 minutes 🙂
  3. Pass the award to others – with pleasure

A – awkward
B – baby sister
C – cry baby
D – devious little shit
E – entertaining
F – focused
G – go getter
H – hellion
I – ideal
J – jokester
K – kind, oh so kind
L – laid back
M – mischievous
N – nocturnal
O – overachiever
P – pacifier
Q – queen of frickin’ everything
R – rambunctious
S – sweet
T – talker
U – user friendly
V – viable
W – wacked
X – xx chromosome
Y- yee-haw baby
Z – zany

And the blogs I am nominating are all fairly new blogs that I think have great potential with a little encouragement and some Word-Press love:

Making Happiness a Habit

The Not So Secret Life of J