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Wordless Wednesday

Upside to Everything


The “upside” to sitting at a collision center waiting for an insurance adjuster. We don’t get this view in the middle of the big city that often.

It’s all about how you look at your circumstances that will determine how your day goes.

I’ll just call it “Hopeful Thursday” for now!


Wordless Wednesday


Actually … this was his first rodeo.


On March 7, 2014 more than 75,000 welcomed Usher to his first rodeo.
We were among the 75,000.
Was a great concert and left us with a lot of memories.

  2014-03-07 23.32.57


Wordless Wednesday


Brrr … what to do?

IMG_0898Last week we were freezing.  Another “Ice Storm” we had.   Over the weekend our temperatures reached in excess of 70 degrees.   Now we will freeze again.  This is ridiculous. This is what happens in Texas when it gets cold.  We are not able to function.  We go into a severe depression.   Our electric companies can’t handle the grids from the heat we are pulling.  Our skin dries out.  The schools shut down.   The government offices shut down.  And there is no line at Starbucks.   Why do Texans want their hot coffee when it is in the 90’s but not when it is in the 20’s?   We are spoiled.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Sometimes, that’s all you can do.