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The End ….


My birthday week started with a family dinner
last week at Toby Keith’s.


Then moved on to NOLA with my girlfriend for a weekend of …
well even if I could remember I’d never tell.

And today had an awesome lunch with my wonderful husband
and red velvet cake and icecream tonight. YUMMY!

Oh yeah, after being legal for almost a year,
my husband bought me this little cutie for my birthday!


Getting old isn’t so bad!

My Latest Masterpiece



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In response to the A to Z Challenge

In response to
the A to Z Challenge

Actually … this was his first rodeo.


On March 7, 2014 more than 75,000 welcomed Usher to his first rodeo.
We were among the 75,000.
Was a great concert and left us with a lot of memories.

  2014-03-07 23.32.57


Women of Faith

I missed the Women of Faith conference in San Antonio this year, but they had an “Unwrap the Bible” conference in Houston this weekend that was absolutely amazing.   Kari Jobe is now part of the team and this is one of the songs she sang.  I wish I had the recording from the conference.   She left us at a loss for words.