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Decisions We Make


How’s Your Game?

Don't Blame the Sinner“The Chess Queens” by Muriel Streeter

Don’t blame the sinner
The one dressed in black
They both play the game
Sliding forward and back

Don’t praise the angel
The one dressed in white
Just like the sinner
She’ll capture your knight

The queen is your lady
With the most power of all
She’ll protect all you have
Or she’ll just let you fall

Your rook and your bishop
They can both dance around
While the squares are the same
This is not common ground

Do you worship the Devil
and deliver his sin?
Or do you trust in our God
who has cleansed us within?

You are the pawn
And this life is a game
For both black and white
The end is the same

The King will decide
But don’t sit and wait
You can be in check
Or you can checkmate

This was written for the Speakeasy #149
Beginning with “Don’t Blame the Sinner”
And referencing the picture “The Chess Queens” by Muriel Streeter


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What path are you walking?


As a participant in the Zero to Hero challenge my 12th  task is to take inspiration from the blogs I visited and commented on yesterday and publish a post of my own.  The blog I am choosing is that of Secret Angel.   She posted this picture with words of her own.  The first 4 lines of her poetry says it all.   If only more people would walk through life realizing this …..

As we walk through life,
we make decisions everyday…
every place that we go,
and every word that we say.