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Today and Everyday


…. grandchildren are truly amazing.  I’m so proud to be a “Grammo”.  Happy day to you all!



For the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Connected

Congratulations Steven and Sofie

Fiers on Fire


Now We’re Even

20141101_234347It seems like just yesterday

I was so much older than you

But now it is today

And you are 47 too!

The thought of growing old(er) is terrifying.  With every day, every month, every year there is “something” it seems.  But if I am to grow old I couldn’t ask for a better man or more understanding partner to do it with.  I hope we can make each other laugh and smile for many more years to come.

Live.  Love. Laugh.    Most of all … Laugh.


My Anniversary


A year ago I started my blog with a story about my Mother.  Rather than post my stats and my “accomplishments” of the year, I have chosen this verse from Proverbs because it reminds me so very much of her.

You are dearly missed ~M

The End ….


My birthday week started with a family dinner
last week at Toby Keith’s.


Then moved on to NOLA with my girlfriend for a weekend of …
well even if I could remember I’d never tell.

And today had an awesome lunch with my wonderful husband
and red velvet cake and icecream tonight. YUMMY!

Oh yeah, after being legal for almost a year,
my husband bought me this little cutie for my birthday!


Getting old isn’t so bad!

Go Spurs!

After the game last night, there is so much excitement.   I know that the Heat will be bringing everything they have tomorrow.   It is already making my stomach turn.   Super excited.   But for now, I will just watch this over and over, because, well, he’s Manu:

NFL Football – Sunday January 5


It’s that time.   Great Football !! 

I don’t know too much about the Chargers and the Bengals.     Philip Rivers seems like he’s a nice guy and is deserving of a title and could probably win if his teammates stayed in the locker room and off the internet (sorry  Manti) so I think I will cheer for the Chargers.  (This one is for you Becky)

Decisions.  Decisions.   Last year I rooted for the Packers and that did not end well for me.   Or did it?  I was able to buy my Ravens shirt, paint my nails purple and watch Baltimore beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, even after the lights went out.   Hmmm … seems like another good plan, so I will root for the 49ers to win this game.

Who do you think is going to win?  And Why?



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NFL Football – Saturday January 4


It’s that time.   Great Football !! 

Kansas City has been playing well and probably deserves the win, but I will be rooting for the Colts.  I choose the Colts not because of Andrew Luck, but simply because I rooted for them for so many years when Manning was there and old habits are hard to break.  Aside from that, my brother, who is a Giants fan (Gag Me) lives in Indianapolis and after the season the Giants had (HaHaHa) he needs something to smile about.

As for game two, I will definitely be rooting for the Saints.  I plan to be in New Orleans during the conference play-offs and if the Saints make it that far Bourbon Street will be fun atmosphere and a place to make memories.    And I adore Sean Payton.  I think he has a lot of heart and compassion.

Who do you think is going to win?  And Why?



(You can see the results when you vote)

Wordless Wednesday