Reward Me!

I love to receive awards.  But I am sincere with them and do not like to pass them on willy-nilly, just to make my followers grow or just to comment on others.   If I have a following I want it to be because they like what I write, not because they feel obligated to follow because I have given them an award.   In order to have time to properly accept (and present) my awards, I am limiting myself to only one per award.  And if I accept your award, please understand that it may take me some to fulfill my obligation.  I appreciate the honors.  Happy Blogging!

This was my first award.
Presented by Kamaalpreet Singh
On December 8, 2013

My acceptance can be found by clicking here:  Word Press Family Award

This was my second award.
Presented by Amanda
On January 9, 2014

My acceptance can be found by clicking here:   Walking on Sunshine

This was my third award
Presented by Scott
On January 11, 2014

My acceptance can be found by clicking here:  Liebster?  I’m not even German!

one-crazy-life-to-another-awardThis was my fourth award
Presented by Amanda
On January 16, 2014

My acceptance can be found here Shout Out!


This is by 5th award, or would it be by 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th since it is a Quartet of Radiance Award?  It was presented by Jenn on May 4, 2014.   My acceptance can be found here:  Yep, that’s definitely me.

most-influential-blogger       awesomeblogcontent     innerpeace    sunshine



One response

  1. I enjoy the time I spend here and have nominated you for the Quartet of Radiance Award.

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