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I Like It

NFL Today

Fiers on Fire


It’s Hot in Texas


… what?

Did you think I was talking about the weather?

Perhaps the Spurs and the Rockets will provide a little more excitement next week.  Win – Win for this Texas gal.

Merry Christmas – Wishing for a Miracle!


They’re Back ….



I’ll just call it “Hopeful Thursday” for now!


You Should Have Listened!


You know, you are my older brother.
Why didn’t you ever listen to Mother?
I remember the screaming well, don’t you?
You know you heard her, “Luv Ya Blue!”

Year after year you were defiant.
Never an Oiler, always a Giant.
You looked at Mom and boldly said
“I luv ya blue .. Blue and Red.”

You finally left Houston, had a chance to bolt
To support your new city and become a Colt
Support Peyton Manning? Oh dear God why?
You already had sweet little Eli.

So you stand there today,
confused and scratching your head,
Oh God Mom! Now they’re both Blue and Red
Let me remind you, my dear older brother
You really should have listened to mother

Luv Ya “Blue”. A rookie on our team?
No big brother this isn’t a dream
“Watt” just happened? Stop shaking your head
Cheer for Texans! Be a winner instead!

As much as I want to give you more grief,
There is for you a little relief.
I’ll give you some credit where credit is due,
You could have done like the others and be a Cowboy too.

Good Luck …you’re gonna need it!


Thank God It’s Back



Because We Can … and We Did.

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