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Beyond Irritation


They were two arcs intersecting,  perfectly matched, perfectly timed, perfectly intertwined. 

After months of strong winds the arcs began to deteriorate and crumble into tiny shreds of precious metals.

They should have melted into one from the excessive heat they emitted,  instead the coldness left their shards to scatter in destruction.

In the aftermath there stood two useless structures at opposite ends of each other, no longer beautiful arcs but dismal reminders that nothing lasts forever.

Nothing, except the irritation.



There are the loving and curious.
There are the hateful and furious.
Don’t let your mood depend on me.
You are who you choose to be.
What do you chose today?



He said he would love her forever and never grow tired of saying “l love you.”

It was all a misunderstanding.

He didn’t know the meaning of forever.

And he grew tired of alot of things.

Especially her.

Inspired by Five Sentence Fiction


I am Strong

wpid-large.jpegJustin was a senior and Sally a junior when they were crowned prom King and Queen and voted Most Beautiful Couple.

As Sally was finishing high school the following year,  Justin was attending his freshman year of college and found he had little time for Sally due to his academic schedule.

Immediately following graduation Sally hurried to Austin to attend University of Texas with her high school sweetheart.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for Sally to realize that it wasn’t Justin’s academic schedule that had consumed all of his time.

Although she prayed that night for the strength to get through his betrayal, Sally was found the next morning in a puddle of blood with her crown tangled in her matted blonde hair.

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