She Gives Me the Creeps

Who would have thought that after I posted this on a whim last week, the photo challenge this week would be “CREEPY”?  Had to repost it:

I was playing with my granddaughter the other day.   She was playing with her dolls.  I was playing with my camera.   And this was the result:


I don’t really know what it is.   I can’t put my finger on it.  But it gives me the creeps.   Is it just me?

7 responses

  1. mypersonalteenlife | Reply

    My cousin used to sleep with a porcelain doll on two different spots in her room.. I have no idea how she did it.
    I think I just watch too many scary things…

    1. Haha, those dolls do have that look of “I’m watching your every move”

  2. Looks like Sarah Palin thirty years ago on Ecstasy.

    1. Oh my God! You nailed it …

  3. No, it’s not just you. As a kid, i always thought dolls, especially Barbie dolls, were creepy. If someone accidentally twisted the head the other way round, I would start getting very anxious and sweaty. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is in the eyes of the dolls :/

    1. The eyes, or their eerie perfection.

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