Conversation with a Princess

OlyviaWhat is your favorite color?  Pink

What is your favorite food? Apples

What is your favorite drink? Chocolate milk

What is your favorite movie? Frozen

What is your favorite song?  Let it Go

Who is your favorite princess?  You

And all this time I thought she was the Princess!

Just when I thought nothing in life could surprise me …. as laid in the floor with my granddaughter coloring in her Mickey Mouse coloring book we have an innocent conversation.   She continues to color and belts out the answers to the questions without giving it a second thought.  I’m speechless.   After a few moments of silence,  she asks  “What’s the next question, Grammo?”   Innocence.  Sweetness.  Beauty.

4 responses

  1. Oh Monique, she is a sweetheart, you are blessed.Thank you for sharing your Q and A with your granddaughter.

  2. Oh these priceless, precious, spontaneous moments! I love them!
    I have found that coloring together brings out the most interesting conversations with my grandkids. I loved the Q&A session. I ask my grandkids questions all the time, but never think to write them down…next time!
    But this! Wow! What a tender heart, she is a beautiful little princess… I’m glad she has you in her life 🙂 You are amazing.

    1. My son, her Dad, said “Awe Mom, she thinks you are a Princess – that’s so cute”. Wahhh…made me cry again. WP is a great place for memories. And friends like you!

  3. Cute!

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