Would You Die For Her?

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Would you die for her?

I hear men say these things all the time:
I would jump in front of a truck for her”
“I would take a bullet for her”
“I would do anything for her”
But that is the easy part.
You know, dying for her.

Ask yourself these questions.
Would you rub her feet after a long day of work?
Would you eat the meal she cooked for you, no matter what?
Would you forgive her for doing something wrong? or would you seek revenge?
Would you hold her when she is sick and grumpy?
Do you think she is beautiful, all of the time?
Would you support her in anything she wants to do?
Are you sympathetic when it is “that time” of the month?
Do you put her needs before yours?
These.   These are the hard things.

I think I speak for most women.
“I would take my own bullet any day.
In exchange for feeling like a Princess everyday.”


8 responses

    1. Thanks Ranu. I have not felt the need to write much, but this topic was one I felt worthy.

  1. Yes, I agree. Talk is cheap. Actions are louder than words. I am blessed to have a hubby that has taken care of me on several occasions when I have just been released from a hospital stay. But, I have many friends whose husbands wouldn’t bring them a glass of water. Love is showing that you care and have compassion. Great post …. very well said.

    1. Yes, some of us are very lucky. I am glad we are part of that group!

  2. Nice to have you back again!
    I’m glad you found someone to love you for better or worse, etc….I know I sure did, and he is pretty much amazing! I can’t imagine my life without him.

    1. Thanks! I am very lucky for sure. We are studying this topic in my Marriage Fore Real class … how it is human nature to save someone from harm, even a stranger, but to do the daily things that will honor your loved one may not be so easy. Was a different perspective for me. And yes, I am back, at least until life takes me away again 🙂

    1. Thank you! Kind of makes you think about what is and is not doesn’t it?

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