It’s how you play the game …


Dedicated in loving memory to those long forgotten childhood games we played when life was simple and meant to be enjoyed.

Does anyone have a clue anymore? Remember the good ole days when you could walk to the edge of the river bank to kick back and go fish without a care in the world? Remember when we referred to battle as just a card game and not some racist bullshit we are surrounded with today?

It seems our government has a monopoly over our actions as though it is some covert operation. Agh! The damned yo-yo’s. Worse than a barrel of monkeys. Truth is it is our own mouth that puts us in jeopardy . It has nothing to do with government.

In scrabble we must think before we play a word. Isn’t it odd that we don’t think before we speak? And then what? Bingo! All of us, we end up throwing hand gestures and saying “I’m Sorry” until we are blue in the face. We’ve all gone marbles.

So many people in society today can barely connect four dots without expecting a handout. Ask these people what a payday is and they will look at you as though you are some master mind trying to trick them into a real life game of truth or dare. “Catch me if you can” they think to themselves.

Perhaps we should all abandon the dream of a fairy tale life in candy land singing high ho cherry o with guess who. We are at war with ourselves on our own private battleship.

This I do know:  LIfe is a risk. A constant game of hide and seek. And try as you may, you will never master perfection.


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    A very clever take on the game of LIFE

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