Take power naps. Talk wisely.

2014-08-03 22.03.09 - Copy

This is the letter T of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.    Every few days I will be posting a phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet seeking your opinion or view on the phrase and how it relates to genuine happiness.

I am not much when it comes to taking power naps.   My power naps turns in to hour naps.   My husband can power nap and wake up after 15 minutes and be totally refreshed.   That makes me happy, hahaha.    Talking wisely can make a lot of people happy, the problem is that most people don’t talk, they don’t communicate of any level.

What is your opinion on the letter T:  Take power naps.  Talk Wisely.

Leave a comment, write a post on your blog and ping back to me or tag your post with “ABC’s of Happiness” so I can find you in my reader.

Until next time … be thinking about the letter U: Unleash your strengths.

One response

  1. Dear Monique,
    Power naps are good for health and wise talks make good friends.Thank you for this nice post.,

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