Pray. Paint. Play an instrument.


This is the letter P of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.    Every few days I will be posting a phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet seeking your opinion or view on the phrase and how it relates to genuine happiness.

Prayer. Such an important part of life. Such a key to happiness. Prayer is a necessity and is a true form of relief. I can’t think of a time in my life I walked away feeling worse after prayer, I always felt better. Happier.  Sometimes it requires patience.  God answers prayers in his own way.   In his own time.

Painting is an art form I only recently started to enjoy. You can let your imagination run wild and be so creative. Painting is fun whether you do it alone, or with a friend. Your creation, your masterpiece, will make you smile. Now, if only I could get this happy about painting the house!

Play an instrument? Fail. I have not done this but I can only imagine the release one feels when doing so.

What is your opinion on the letter P:  Pray.  Paint.  Play an instrument.

Leave a comment, write a post on your blog and ping back to me or tag your post with “ABC’s of Happiness” so I can find you in my reader.

Until next time … be thinking about the letter Q:  Quit a bad habit.  Quiet your mind.


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