The End ….


My birthday week started with a family dinner
last week at Toby Keith’s.


Then moved on to NOLA with my girlfriend for a weekend of …
well even if I could remember I’d never tell.

And today had an awesome lunch with my wonderful husband
and red velvet cake and icecream tonight. YUMMY!

Oh yeah, after being legal for almost a year,
my husband bought me this little cutie for my birthday!


Getting old isn’t so bad!


8 responses

  1. Happy Birthday to you…dear Monique, Happy Birthday to you! I’m so glad you were treated to such a wonderful celebration of you and your amazing life! I hope you have many, many more! 🙂 Now go eat another piece of that red velvet cake and think of me!

    1. I am going to have another piece just for you! And I start a new diet on Friday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Monique. Sounds like a wonderful time you had with the ones you love over the weekend. Cake and ice-cream, I hope you enjoyed eating them all 🙂 You sure know how to party!

    1. Yes, I had an amazing week! Time to buckle down and get in shape for the cruise in October !!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I am starting to recover now!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you. Hope it was everything wonderful:)

    1. It was an amazingly good time!

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