Create Something Exciting!


This is the letter C of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.    Every few days I will be posting a phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet seeking your opinion or view on the phrase and how it relates to genuine happiness.

“Create something exciting”.     I am not to sure I can elaborate on this.   Do we focus on create or do we focus on exciting?   I have a creative mind and enjoy coming across new ideas and learning about something new.   I can’t say though that I retain everything I learn because I soak so much in at one time.   I think the key here is to be creative and to do something that excites you.    It can be something small, like a new tag line on your blog.  Or something big like a new motto for your family to live by.    Just venture out and do something new.  Don’t stay idle.  Or for people like my friend Becky, it can be finding a new football team to root for, like the Texans perhaps?

What is your opinion on the letter C:   Create Something Exciting

Leave a comment, write a post on your blog and ping back to me or tag your post with “ABC’s of Happiness” so I can find you in my reader.

Until next time … be thinking about the letter D:  Drink Plenty of Water.  Dance.

12 responses

  1. WHAT??!! Are you crazy 🙂 The Texans?! I can do much better than that…you’ll see…

    1. OK..OK…I like Philip Rivers …just no more Seattle b.s.

      1. Finally!! … I knew you would start to see things clearly 🙂

  2. Your interpretation is great! I agree, we should be creative and do things that excite us. We shouldn’t limit our thoughts and we should give ourselves something to look forward to everyday. Like when we wake up some days excited about the day ahead, since we already know what to except. Maybe it’s a good idea to train ourselves to look forward to the possibilities regardless of what the day may bring.

    1. I agree Chelle. Looking forward to something as opposed to dreading what may come!

  3. C is for comfort.

    1. Yes.. I think you do need comfort for happiness!

  4. Hmm. Create something or focus on the exciting. Interesting food for thought. My creative outlet is writing, or editing photos. The thought of writing or fancying up photos always excites me, and when I start to see a story being created right in front of me, I get more excited. And want to be more creative.

    You’re so right. Creativity comes in big and small ways 🙂

    1. In a photo freak too!

  5. […] blogging friend Monique has challenged us to the ABC’s of Genuine […]

    1. I love your creation! What a heartfelt happiness!

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