Are You Kidding Me?


It’s April.  In Texas. Really?

10 responses

  1. It’s snowing here.

    1. You live up north….expect that!

  2. I wouldn’t like 40 degrees temperature though,would you?

    1. No Ranu…its horrible!

  3. I feel the same way. Where is our Texas weather and lets HOPE it comes back soon.

    1. I can’t stand it 😦

  4. Haha! That is just what I said! A little late for a cold front in Texas. 🙂 It is a beautiful morning here though …sunshine and cool.

    1. Turned out to be a beautiful day … around 5:30 🙂

  5. Mother Nature forgot to take her pills this morning. Lol.

    1. No kidding. This Texas weather has been depressing.

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