Where’d My Ball Go?

20140308_142716I watched her, as she hid under the slide covering her ball up with the bark in our community park.   I wondered what she was doing, but I didn’t ask any questions.

20140308_142742 “Hey Grammo!  Have you seen my Princess ball?  I can’t find it?”  Let’s look for it.   It has to be somewhere around here.  Oh, the look on her face and her sense of accomplishment when she “found” her ball.


The innocence is so simple yet so amazing.




My Happy Post for “Random Photography”

In response to: Happy Post Challenge

In response to:
Happy Post Challenge

7 responses

  1. A beautiful example of creative playing without tech things. Wonderful … She’s adorable.

    1. Yes…kids have forgotten how to use their imagination these days!

  2. Simply wonderful,you,your Grand kid and the ball.

    1. Thanks! She’s a riot.

  3. I love this! She is simply adorable too!

    1. Spoken from one proud Grandma to another 😉 Have a great weekend!

      1. Yep, you know it! 🙂

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