Happy Post Challenge – Festival of Colors

Hmmm.  I am not Indian so I am not very familiar with the Happy Holi or Holi Festival and what its all about.    I live in a community that is multi-cultural and  I was a bit intrigued and googled it so I could learn a little more.   Rather than post some off the wall “colorful” photo relating to something that I know absolutely nothing about, I will go a different direction with this post and write about something happy, that somewhat relates to India and produced this colorful photo.


I recently took my granddaughter to see Sesame Street Live.    It was just a girl date.  Her and I.   The theme for the show was “meet a new friend”.   We got to meet Chamki from India.  The show was wonderful.  We learned some new words and sang some new songs. And made beautiful memories.

In response to: Happy Post Challenge

In response to:
Happy Post Challenge


4 responses

  1. That must have been exciting for both of you.

    1. Was a really awesome time!

  2. That’s a really wonderful entry. It always great to meet new people and learn things. You have definitely spread some happiness around. Thanks for being a part of this challenge. 🙂 😀

    PS- I’ve tweeted your post as well 🙂

    1. Thank you Gaurab. Constantly learning keeps me young. 🙂 I am enjoying your challenge.

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