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Shout Out!

one-crazy-life-to-another-awardThis post is in response to the “Shout Out” award created by Amanda.   The award is unique in that it has a simple acceptance.  She just wants you to acknowledge your favorite blogs of the week.   It will give “award giver” the opportunity to see some new stuff.  And will give the “award recipient” some recognition and some traffic to their blog.

The rules: Give a shout out to your 10 favorite blogs.  List them here in your acceptance blog.   And let them know that they have received an award, by either posting a comment on their About Page, or on the particular blog you enjoyed. Because there are so many fascinating “selfies” from the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, I am going to give these thirteen a shout:

A Face From the Crowd
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18 Million Pixels
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I think we have some really creative people on WordPress.   Thank you all for sharing!

Liebster? I’m not even German!

liebster_awardThank you Scott for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I know it has been a long time since you nominated me and I’m sorry. What’s that phrase? Better late than never?

Part of receiving this award includes answering a set of questions that Scott has prepared for me.  I will do my best:

1. Why did you start your blog? I started my blog as a way to express my feeling and emotions in situations when I otherwise would not.

2. If your life were a movie, who would play you? With my curly hair everyone referred to me as Shirley Temple as a child. But if I had to choose someone today I would pick Julia-Louise Dreyfuss because she portrays sarcasm very well.

3. Describe yourself in five words. Funloving, honest, sarcastic, happy, loved

4. What is the next thing to do on your bucket list?  (If you don’t have one, why not?) So don’t have a bucket list. Isn’t that for old people?

5. What was the best day in your life thus far? Has to be the day I was born 🙂

6. Who was your childhood hero? I’m not sure I had one. I wasn’t exposed to alot of greatness.

7. If you could have any “superpower” what would it be? To be able to touch and feel my loved ones from miles away.

8. Coffee, Tea or “Just leave me alone in the morning”? (What gets your day started?) Coffee … Cinnamon Dolce Latter from Starbucks if I’m not running late.

9. Who is your closest family member (not living in your house) and why are you so close? Oly. Because she is only 3 and thinks I’m greatest Grammo ever.

10. Describe the perfect vacation for you? Silence. No technology. 80 degrees. Alone.  Anywhere.  For Days.

Now, for my nominees. I have chosen bloggers who do not appear to have won this award before who have sparked my interest in one way or another.   And I am limiting it to only five:

Virally Yours
365 Photos One Day at a Time
Marla’s Musings
Self Wonder

And my questions are:

1. Are you happy with yourself?
2. What was your first job and what is your occupation now?
3. What was the make/model of your first car?
4. Why did you give your blog the name that you did?
5. What are your favorite sports teams?
6. What is your favorite color?
7. Do you think all bottled water is the same?
8. Are you always right? Or never wrong? Tricky, yes? 🙂
9. Early morning or late night person?
10. Rate yourself from 1 to 10.

Now it is your turn.  In a new post:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.  (That would be me at Better Than Reality)
2. Answer all of the questions.
3. Nominate at least 5 new bloggers with less than 200 followers, be sure you let them know in a comment pinging back to your site.
4. Compile your own list of questions remember to be creative.
5. Sit back and enjoy the interesting blogs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

In response to this week’s weekly photo challenge:  Selfie

wpid-IMG_2325.jpgYes, she is only 3.

Our Only Purpose


the world and its characters are always confused
without tangible things our egos are bruised
performing for others a sinister lie
lying in bed we then ask ourselves why

money is evil and one day we’ll learn
we don’t need it all and we won’t crash and burn
we know the difference between right and wrong
we don’t have to be criminals just to belong
no one could ever know what happened here
when there were no rules no remorse and no fear
life could be simple with no inner wars
if we cherished the sun and the moon and the stars
take a deep breath and be thankful today
that you have the choice to go your own way
you don’t have to impress me or another
just live for our God my sister and brother
Written in response to the Speakeasy #148

Using the words “No one could ever know what happened here”
and the video prompt One Republic – Counting Stars

Come on Over – It’ll be fun!


I invite everyone who reads my blog to visit my sister blog EVERY DAY IN 2014.

They had an interesting prompt today where I begin a story and you finish it.

It will be fun.   See you there!

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Wordless Wednesday


This is why I missed my Wordless Wednesday post.  And on Thankful Thursday, I am glad to be up and running.  Have a good day!

Dances in Heaven


There was a time when things were different.

When she greeted herself with “Good morning beautiful” as she brushed her pearly whites, put on her make-up and curled her hair.

When she cooked her eggs sunny side up. And buttered her toast with that fancy squeeze butter that would allow her to paint on it a smiley face looking back at her.

When she whistled to herself every day the tune “You are my sunshine” as she sat in bumper to bumper traffic during her drive into town.

When she greeted strangers on the elevator with a cheerful laugh and wished them all a blessed day as they got off on their floor.

When she danced in the rain.  And made angels in the snow.  And basked in the sun.

When she prayed to God every night and thanked Him for the day that had passed and for the day that will come.

That was before.

Before she lost her dad to alcoholism.  And her mom to cancer.
Before her son succumbed to mental illness.  And her dog to old age.

When she spoke to someone other than the hideous miserable reflection in the mirror that now stared back at her in disgust.

When she listened to someone other than her beloved parrots that simply repeated the words she wanted to hear.

You will always be Daddy’s little girl

Mommy will never leave you darling

I’m so glad you are my Momma


When the sound of her barking dog brought comfort to her and was not merely a distorted cry for help ringing over and over in her head.   Ringing until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Yes.  Yes indeed.  There was a time when things were different.

Very different.

Poetically different.

Written in response to the Speakeasy #147


Super Bowl XLVIII

Altough I lost respect for Sherman and all of his accomplishments after his recent rant, I was not happy at all to see him get hurt.

Even though Manning played his worst game ever, I still respect and admire him.

The game was a sleeper.  I broke even in the football squares.  The commercials were not comical.  Halftime was a waste of time.

But I did walk away with the knowledge of this:


Proof once again that there is a God!