Sochi-2014-Winter-Olympics-lDa-svi-da-niya Sochi.    Hello prime time TV.   Okay, I’m not one to bitch or complain (ok, well maybe I am)   but I am so glad that the Olympics are over and we can get on to some quality, snuggling on the couch, prime time TV.   Season Premiere of Dallas … finally!  And Survivor … who doesn’t love reality TV?

I have not been inspired to write lately, in case you can’t tell.   Have a good week!

3 responses

  1. Hi,Monique,I was looking forward to your entry. Maybe next time you’ll be energized to write something.

    1. Like..yes. My 365 eprompts are on my sister blog. You can get to it by clicking on the link. I write there everyday 🙂

  2. You crack me up! But I must admit, I kind of missed prime time TV too. 🙂 So grab yourself a blanket, and enjoy!

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