Society? Who Needs It.

Beautiful post by Chris Donner .. we need more “intellectual introverts”

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society I have been accused of being an intellectual snob, and I have to proudly admit that is so.  I don’t wear Harvard crimson, or have a degree from Stanford or MIT.  Nothing fancy like that.  I don’t care how much schooling you’ve had, or which schools they have been.  I’ve met people with multiple degrees from some of the best schools who can’t do anything more than repeat back what they’ve been taught.

What I care about is how much you engage in meaningful dialogue.  How much do you stop and truly think, feel, and then use that new knowledge to improve your world?  That is my criteria for the people I value in my life.

Don’t tell me about the diplomas hanging on your wall.  I don’t care.  Tell me what you value in your life.  That I will listen to.

Don’t flash your wealth at me.  I won’t…

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  1. Monique thank you ,the tree looks gorgeous.

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