Dances in Heaven


There was a time when things were different.

When she greeted herself with “Good morning beautiful” as she brushed her pearly whites, put on her make-up and curled her hair.

When she cooked her eggs sunny side up. And buttered her toast with that fancy squeeze butter that would allow her to paint on it a smiley face looking back at her.

When she whistled to herself every day the tune “You are my sunshine” as she sat in bumper to bumper traffic during her drive into town.

When she greeted strangers on the elevator with a cheerful laugh and wished them all a blessed day as they got off on their floor.

When she danced in the rain.  And made angels in the snow.  And basked in the sun.

When she prayed to God every night and thanked Him for the day that had passed and for the day that will come.

That was before.

Before she lost her dad to alcoholism.  And her mom to cancer.
Before her son succumbed to mental illness.  And her dog to old age.

When she spoke to someone other than the hideous miserable reflection in the mirror that now stared back at her in disgust.

When she listened to someone other than her beloved parrots that simply repeated the words she wanted to hear.

You will always be Daddy’s little girl

Mommy will never leave you darling

I’m so glad you are my Momma


When the sound of her barking dog brought comfort to her and was not merely a distorted cry for help ringing over and over in her head.   Ringing until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Yes.  Yes indeed.  There was a time when things were different.

Very different.

Poetically different.

Written in response to the Speakeasy #147


24 responses

  1. Yes memories sometimes haunts us,other times we feel good about them. Lovely story.

    1. I suppress alot of memories. Good and bad. I try to live in the present I suppose. Odd.

  2. Too much disappointment jades us all. Good write.

    1. Very true words. Thank you!

  3. That’s a lot of loss to endure. It would be easy to want to emotionally stay back in the times before everything changed.

    1. I see death as a blessing. The start of a wonderful and painless journey with the living left behind.

  4. Very chilling but good job telling the story!

    1. Thanks! I was trying to be overly dramatic. Life is good.

  5. How sad life can be. Sometimes when tragedy after tragedy strikes a good person you wonder where the justice is. Well written.

    1. Justice is blind. I rest knowing that everything has its purpose. Thank you for reading!

  6. The story oozes of recollections that take us right into the losses.
    Beautifully done … I enjoyed this very much.

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying the Speakeasy. Its only my second week and I have found some beautiful bloggers in this community.

  7. Sometimes life really piles it on, doesn’t it? Nice work portraying the impact that can have. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Some truth. Some fiction there. 🙂

  8. Wow. This was heart-breaking, but beautiful. Nice ending line.

  9. Sometimes we just lose more than we can bear. This was a powerful portrait of a life detailed by loss and depression.

    1. “Derailed”, not “detailed”. I was autocorrected! 🙂

      1. We should have a writing prompt where we have to write with auto correct. I hate that! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  10. Just loved the stark contrast you painted so beautifully with your words:-)A happy,optimistic,friendly person becomes a mere shadow of herself due to the harsh blows of fate-such a heart-rending ending!A very evocative piece -on all levels-well done:-)

    1. Thank you. Your words are very kind.

  11. Very moving, and impressive that you were able to convey so much in so few words. Great use of the prompts as well.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that!

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