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Wordless Wednesday


( well, well, well … lookie here )

I Need Not Be Convinced

You know how sometimes I will post something random or a photo? And other times my post is inspired by, or a response to something?

Well today I have no Wordless Wednesday photo. And I am not responding to anything specific. But I do have a nice quote that has been inspired by the type of day I’ve had.

“If I was not convinced before today … I know now beyond a shadow of doubt there are some people in this world who are just fu*#ing nuts”

…. I said it. And I feel better now.


Sochi-2014-Winter-Olympics-lDa-svi-da-niya Sochi.    Hello prime time TV.   Okay, I’m not one to bitch or complain (ok, well maybe I am)   but I am so glad that the Olympics are over and we can get on to some quality, snuggling on the couch, prime time TV.   Season Premiere of Dallas … finally!  And Survivor … who doesn’t love reality TV?

I have not been inspired to write lately, in case you can’t tell.   Have a good week!

Women of Faith

I missed the Women of Faith conference in San Antonio this year, but they had an “Unwrap the Bible” conference in Houston this weekend that was absolutely amazing.   Kari Jobe is now part of the team and this is one of the songs she sang.  I wish I had the recording from the conference.   She left us at a loss for words.



Wordless Wednesday


Society? Who Needs It.

Beautiful post by Chris Donner .. we need more “intellectual introverts”

How’s Your Game?

Don't Blame the Sinner“The Chess Queens” by Muriel Streeter

Don’t blame the sinner
The one dressed in black
They both play the game
Sliding forward and back

Don’t praise the angel
The one dressed in white
Just like the sinner
She’ll capture your knight

The queen is your lady
With the most power of all
She’ll protect all you have
Or she’ll just let you fall

Your rook and your bishop
They can both dance around
While the squares are the same
This is not common ground

Do you worship the Devil
and deliver his sin?
Or do you trust in our God
who has cleansed us within?

You are the pawn
And this life is a game
For both black and white
The end is the same

The King will decide
But don’t sit and wait
You can be in check
Or you can checkmate

This was written for the Speakeasy #149
Beginning with “Don’t Blame the Sinner”
And referencing the picture “The Chess Queens” by Muriel Streeter


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I am Strong

wpid-large.jpegJustin was a senior and Sally a junior when they were crowned prom King and Queen and voted Most Beautiful Couple.

As Sally was finishing high school the following year,  Justin was attending his freshman year of college and found he had little time for Sally due to his academic schedule.

Immediately following graduation Sally hurried to Austin to attend University of Texas with her high school sweetheart.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for Sally to realize that it wasn’t Justin’s academic schedule that had consumed all of his time.

Although she prayed that night for the strength to get through his betrayal, Sally was found the next morning in a puddle of blood with her crown tangled in her matted blonde hair.

Written for

Because He Loves Me


For My Husband on Valentine’s Day

The one who loves me. 

Lives with me.

And laughs with me.

You are not expected
To make me happy
But because you love me
I am happy
I smile
I laugh
And I play

You are not expected
To be my purpose for living
But because you love me
I have purpose
I am driven
I am accepted
And I am encouraged

You are not expected
To provide for me
But because you love me
I am provided for
I am safe
I am warm
And I am secure

You are not expected
To take care of my every need
But because you love me
My needs are met
I have a friend
I have a lover
And I have a confidant

You are not expected
To share my feelings
But because you love me
You understand my feelings
I can cry
I can scream
And I can isolate myself

You are not expected
To make me a priority
But because you love me
I am a priority
I am honored
I am respected
And I am adored

You are not expected
To cook for me
….. let’s not get carried away

I have no need to pressure you
With any ridiculous expectations
Because you go above and beyond
Any expectation I could ever have

Because you love me

Wordless Wednesday: Innocence