Setting Myself Up for … Greatness?

almost doneAs a Zero to Hero participant my 26th task is to take stock of what I’ve published and set myself up for more greatness over the next 30 days.   Today I am to look over what I have published.   What have I been most proud of?  What are the common threads?  Which have been most popular?   I need to create and save at least two draft posts with ideas that come from those.  I am starting to realize that perhaps I was not quite a Zero because some of these “challenges” are not a challenge and are very redundant to me.   Nonetheless I am focused on finishing the challenge.  I am glad that it is almost complete and hope that there is a big-bang on the last day.   I did the challenge and will post the drafts at a later date.   Hint:  Before the Super Bowl this weekend.


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