My Custom Touch

As a Zero to Hero participant my 25th task is to browse the blogs I follow and note a custom touch I love and then tell the blogger I love it, and interpret it for my own blog.  I don’t really want to add anymore “zing” to my page, but I have browsed a few and these are the ones I may “borrow” from.


Ok.  It sounded good.  I tried, I really did.   But the reason I follow the blogs that I follow is in part due to their simplicity.   I like the simple pages that can be easily read and have interesting content.    I can’t comment sincerely on a page that I don’t like, just because they have something on their page that I don’t.   Sorry, I just can’t do it.  But I really did try.

6 responses

  1. I appreciate your tidbits of advice on my blog. You always tell me when you can’t see something, or when something would be easier. Thank you for that, and I couldn’t do today’s challenge either..I just couldn’t do the whole’ swipe someone elses idea’ thing..

    1. Purely selfish on my part. I just want to be able to read your stuff 🙂

      1. Hey, it’s not selfish, for wanting to be able to read it. You were speaking up for probably a few others bloggers thinking the same thing. 😀 You did good, as usual!

  2. Totally agree. I left some love for a blogger’s cool little tool; but have no desire to fuss with my site any more than I already have. :>

  3. I’m not sure what this one was all about, since I didn’t take this challenge, but one thing I know for sure…the back ground color is MUCH better now! 🙂 HA!!!

    1. HaHaHa … I too was really hating the Orange.

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