Social Media? No thanks.

social mediaAs a Zero to Hero participant my 18th task is to explore one or more social networks, and start an account so I can begin exploring the possibilities. Then set up Publicize and link the account to my blog and/or create a strategy for how I’ll use it.


Social media?  Yeah.  Thanks.  But no thanks.

I hope there are not many more tasks that are linked to this challenge because my Zero to Hero participation will have come to an end.



7 responses

  1. My thoughts, exactly. If it doesn’t suit your needs or your values, then hasta la vista.

    1. I don’t think we’re alone on this one.

      1. I agree, if I am to judge by other posts.

  2. I agree. I prefer not to use social media for my blog.

    1. I was learning alot on the Zero To Hero challenge …hope it does not link too much to social media 😦

  3. Just a fun side note on this one. I think a lot of us aren’t writing blogs because we want to be “the next big blog site,” but what I’ve noticed by creating a facebook page where I put links to posts (I made a separate page people can opt to follow so that I didn’t end up spaming my friends) is that I am getting a lot of great ideas and thoughts from friends on my posts. I started my blog to have a conversation, and social media is actually helping me do just that 🙂

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