Confidence Needed?


As a Zero to Hero participant my 17th task is to increase my commenting confidence by reading at least six and commenting on at least two of the posts submitted for yesterday’s Daily Prompt.

I am pretty sure I can communicate well. Some people have even said too well (you know who you are) so this was not much of a challenge. The bigger challenge would have been to learn when to keep my mouth shut. The hardest part of completing this task was trying to write the post on my mobile app while on a road trip. In service. Out of service. You know the drill.

I read several of the pingbacks on the daily prompt. Let me first voice my frustration with bloggers who ping back or post in categories where thier post has nothing to do with the post or category they have attached to. Do they really have a need to be read that badly? Please. Write a book. Get a publisher. Do something other than waste my time.

A couple posts did stand out to me:

The brutal honesty of Alexia Jones on her reputation.

And Marla’s Musings who pits being liked and being respected against each other. Very well written.


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