NFL Football – Saturday January 4


It’s that time.   Great Football !! 

Kansas City has been playing well and probably deserves the win, but I will be rooting for the Colts.  I choose the Colts not because of Andrew Luck, but simply because I rooted for them for so many years when Manning was there and old habits are hard to break.  Aside from that, my brother, who is a Giants fan (Gag Me) lives in Indianapolis and after the season the Giants had (HaHaHa) he needs something to smile about.

As for game two, I will definitely be rooting for the Saints.  I plan to be in New Orleans during the conference play-offs and if the Saints make it that far Bourbon Street will be fun atmosphere and a place to make memories.    And I adore Sean Payton.  I think he has a lot of heart and compassion.

Who do you think is going to win?  And Why?



(You can see the results when you vote)

2 responses

  1. Carey Donamaria | Reply

    Voted for the Colts and Saints. Aside from that at least the Giants ended the season with a better record than the Texans….

    1. Good choice 🙂 What do they say? Don’t hate the player hate the game ….

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