Restless Nights


It’s not that his snoring keeps me awake, I’ve gotten used to it.  My thought process just never rests.  My imagination gets the best of me.  And I just don’t sleep well in general.

Sometimes, as I lay next to him, I wonder what is going through his mind.  Has he become part of a romantic dream where his arms are wrapped around me as we look out from atop the Eiffel Tower?   Does he envision  different scenarios of what our lives would be like today had we met sooner?  Does his mind wander off into a yes-no frenzy of unanswered questions? Or is he really just in a deep sleep?

Then at some point  his hand reaches out and touches me, almost as though its a habit, and I can fall to sleep for a few hours. Until his hand slips away and my eyes open.  And my imagination runs wild.   And I lay here wide awake, again.


3 responses

  1. He’s probably dreaming of duck hunting with Si from Duck Dynasty. Lol

    1. Maybe …but we’ve never watched that show so prolly not 🙂

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