25 Years!

This post is dedicated to my brother and his wife, who are celebrating 25 years of marriage today. Congratulations!  May God continue to bless your marriage!   I love you guys!


You both were so young
When you each pledged your heart
You promised each other
That you’d never part

First came Aaron
Then Zachary too
And then Kacey Mo
Your house was a zoo

You grew and you learned
Through good and bad weather
Family is important
You must stick together

With the ups and the downs
Of life everyday
You didn’t let anything
Stand in your way

A love with two faiths
While some would ask why
When it really mattered
You’d see eye to eye

You give and you take
And you laugh and you cry
You’ve persevered
While others don’t try

By example you lead
Your family comes first
With a positive outlook
Never assuming the worst

For twenty-five years
You’ve passed every test
I’m so proud of you both
And I wish you the best

You both are still young
And have so many years
To accomplish your dreams
And battle your fears

With the love and support
That you’ve found in each other
As the husband and father
And as wife and as mother

I’m sure that you both
will rock in your chair
And look at each other
When you have no more hair

He’ll think you’re beautiful
And she’ll think your hot
Even though your both tired
You give it a shot (wink-wink)

You laugh and you giggle
Oh the bond that you share
you both are so precious
what a wonderful pair!

One response

  1. Very sweet, and very cute poem! 🙂

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