“Golden Kiss” by Gustav Klimt


So tonight was my first experience with one of those painting classes where you and a bunch of friends get together with a bottle (or a few bottles) of wine and paint until you faint. Although my bottle of wine was a classy bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice bottled in 2013 (damn these antibiotics) I managed to have a great time and created some wonderful memories with my girlfriends! Shannon … girl I missed you … but I know you had a great time at the game even though the Faggies lost!   Aggies …I mean Aggies.  I’m so sorry. Given my obvious talent and my mad skills on display in my painting, I will most definitely keep my day job.


4 responses

  1. If you made that painting it is good!

    1. I did! Tons of fun! Thank you!

  2. Nice work

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