My Beloved Weeble Wobbles

Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt:  My favorite toy


Being the youngest of five kids money was stretched pretty far.   We didn’t really want for much but at the same time we didn’t really have much either.   I was the baby and the only girl of us five siblings, so as luck would have it I was slightly spoiled.  My brothers would argue about the word slightly that I use so loosely.   Whatever boys, this is my story so I will remember things my way.

I recall having an imaginary friend that I  treasured the most.  His name was Jimmy Joe.   Don’t ask me why he wasn’t a she named Sarah Sue, I’ve often wondered that and have never come up with an answer.   We lived in very small town, Lake Village, Indiana.  I used to play with Jimmy Joe in the dirt under our trailer home.  One day Jimmy Joe got lost. I can remember my mom outside with me yelling and screaming frantically “Jimmy Joe where are you?  Where are you Jimmy Joe?”.    My mom must have really loved me or she was just plain crazy.  We never found Jimmy Joe and I moved on to Weeble Wobbles.

I loved my Weeble Wobbles, what few I had.   You know the song “weebles wobble but we don’t fall down”.   How could you forget?    One year my parents saved up enough money to get me a weeble wobble house for Christmas.   That was the same year I found out Santa wasn’t real because me and one of my brothers had this bright idea to stay awake and watch Mom and Dad in the reflection of the fish tank while they “played Santa”.

The weeble wobble house was the coolest thing on earth.   But thanks to my brothers we learned very quickly that the house couldn’t survive an explosion.   You see, my brothers thought it would be funny to load it with firecrackers and set it on fire.   I can still hear the explosion.

Yeah, not so funny.   To my brothers, I thank you for taking the beatings from Dad for all of my wrong doings, for protecting the baby girl in the family.   But you guys deserved that one.   RIP Weeble Wobbles!

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  1. Sorry Mo for blowing up your webble wobbles and their home. But you have to know our side of the story. Those damn webble wobbles were making fun of us and would not let us in their home. So we set out a plan and blew those little guys and their home up. Sorry!!!

    1. An apology 40 years later!

  2. Ok here is what really happen. We heard you and Mom yelling for Jimmy Joe. Us boys thought that the webble wobbles took Jimmy Joe into their home and was holding him hostage. So we tried to negotiate with them to get Jimmy Joe. After they kept telling us that they do not have him we did not believe them and blew up the webble wobbles and their home. Come to find out they were right, they did not have Jimmy Joe. So see we were really trying to help you find your

    1. Or…they did have Jimmy Joe and y’all blew them all to shreds and left me scarred for life.

  3. Now we know the truth behind the webble wobbles and their home. Here is the truth about Jimmy Joe. Do you remember how Dad used to watch Star Trek all the time? Dad decided to build a capsule in the cellar. He completed the capsule and one day we waited for you to fall asleep. Dad and us boys removed the capsule from the cellar and none of us boys wanted to get inside, so we found little Jimmy Joe and put him inside the capsule. As we counted 5,4,3,2,1 kaboom. Smoke cleared up and Jimmy Joe and the capsule was gone. We asked Dad what happen and he said that the capsule and Jimmy Joe went to outer space. Ask how will Jimmy Joe get back? Dad said I don’t know, haven’t figured that out yet. The truth!!!

    1. With your cock-a-mammie imagination….you should start your own blog. Although …who knows with Dad. Love ya!

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