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Goodbye Matt


Headlines:  Matt Schaub is making a name for himself with pick-sixes.   Texans quarterback Matt Schaub delivered his third lucky strike to a defender in as many weeks Sunday, helping the Seahawks sneak out of Reliant Stadium with a win in a game that the Texans had no business losing.

Enough said.

This post is inspired by today’s Daily Prompt:  JUNK

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?


This was inspired by today’s daily prompt:  LIFE

2013-09-28 21.07.16

A mother with her ducklings in our community.

The Witch is Dead

Oz3I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has not seen The Wizard of Oz.    This movie sat in my DVR folder for several
months before I finally deleted it without having watched it. When we saw the commercial on TV that it was coming to the theatre in 3D, we knew it was the perfect date night movie. After 46 years, I am sad to say that I did not watch it sooner.   But I am glad I got to see it on the big screen and with such good company!

I was surprised at all of the famous lines from the movie that I knew:

I’ll get you my pretty

Ding dong the witch is dead

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others”

“Now I know I have a heart, because it is breaking”

And of course, “There’s no place like home”  Indeed.

Oz 2



Just Laugh

Saw this in church today.  And it made me laugh.  Smiles!

Are you ready …

2013-09-20 20.47.08 … for some football?  We are.

Seems like only a few months ago I was painting my nails purple, donning my Ravens t-shirt and drinking wine from my handmade “Go Ravens” wine glass, cheering on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl.  And that they did!   It’s not that I didn’t like the 49ers, its just that everyone else did.  Besides, I look better in purple than I do in red.

Today is a different day.  A different game.  A different wish.   I know the Ravens will be tough, but let’s face it, they are not the same team that won the Super Bowl.  They have managed to dismantle their team and we have managed to build a stronger one.

Good luck to you Super Bowl Champs trying to take these bulls by the horn!

May the best team win! And that’s no Bull.

The Journey Home


“I have had this horrible chest congestion I can’t get rid of.  It seems to have gone to my ear now.  I’m gonna go back to the doctor today”, Mom said.

“Well I have taken the day off work to run errands so why don’t we do lunch and I can take you to your appointment ?”, I replied.

“OK, that’d be good”, she wimpered.

I knew when she called me in the middle of the week that something was wrong.   Mom was never sick and she rarely asked for help.  And even though she didnt ask for help this time, it was her eager acceptance of my offer that had me concerned.  I drove two hours to her cozy little home at the lake.   She didn’t look well but it seemed to be more from stress than illness.

That was the beginning of her long journey home.  Scans would later show that her chest congestion was stage four lung cancer.  Chemotherapy started that very same day and continued weekly thereafter. Her life, our life, would never be same after that.   During her treatment we had the time to talk about those things you never want to talk about. But the conversations were quite pleasant as Mom had no fear of dying.   The cancer later moved to her brain and it was at that time I could tell her will to live was not for herself but for her children.  We all gathered around her and assured her it was okay to rest.  With a sigh of relief she did just that and joined Our Heavenly Father ten days later.

Mom was diagnosed in 2009 and passed away in 2011.   Following her death I found a journal she had started about six months before her diagnosis.   She knew something was wrong but didn’t want to worry the kids.    Her struggle was unbearable at times.   I wonder what would have happened has she worried us earlier.  After all of this,  to this day none of my brothers have stopped smoking.  But even though Dad died from cirrhosis of the liver I continue to drink, so who am I to judge?

This post was inspired by this weeks writing challenge from the Daily Post:  DIALOGUE



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Texans Score

“Golden Kiss” by Gustav Klimt


So tonight was my first experience with one of those painting classes where you and a bunch of friends get together with a bottle (or a few bottles) of wine and paint until you faint. Although my bottle of wine was a classy bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice bottled in 2013 (damn these antibiotics) I managed to have a great time and created some wonderful memories with my girlfriends! Shannon … girl I missed you … but I know you had a great time at the game even though the Faggies lost!   Aggies …I mean Aggies.  I’m so sorry. Given my obvious talent and my mad skills on display in my painting, I will most definitely keep my day job.


Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt

small money

Today we were asked to grab the nearest book and open it, go to the tenth word, google search images for the word and write about what first comes to mind.

My Book:   The Holy Bible

A gracious woman retains honor, But ruthless men retain RICHES.


I have learned over time that money is the root of all evils:  selfishness, greed, ignorance, prejudice, neglect, it goes on and on.  It can make or break any relationship:

  • It can determine your employment.
  • It can cause strife in a friendship.
  • It can plot family members against each other.
  • It can end your marriage.

Protect your honor only then will you be rich.


My Beloved Weeble Wobbles

Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt:  My favorite toy


Being the youngest of five kids money was stretched pretty far.   We didn’t really want for much but at the same time we didn’t really have much either.   I was the baby and the only girl of us five siblings, so as luck would have it I was slightly spoiled.  My brothers would argue about the word slightly that I use so loosely.   Whatever boys, this is my story so I will remember things my way.

I recall having an imaginary friend that I  treasured the most.  His name was Jimmy Joe.   Don’t ask me why he wasn’t a she named Sarah Sue, I’ve often wondered that and have never come up with an answer.   We lived in very small town, Lake Village, Indiana.  I used to play with Jimmy Joe in the dirt under our trailer home.  One day Jimmy Joe got lost. I can remember my mom outside with me yelling and screaming frantically “Jimmy Joe where are you?  Where are you Jimmy Joe?”.    My mom must have really loved me or she was just plain crazy.  We never found Jimmy Joe and I moved on to Weeble Wobbles.

I loved my Weeble Wobbles, what few I had.   You know the song “weebles wobble but we don’t fall down”.   How could you forget?    One year my parents saved up enough money to get me a weeble wobble house for Christmas.   That was the same year I found out Santa wasn’t real because me and one of my brothers had this bright idea to stay awake and watch Mom and Dad in the reflection of the fish tank while they “played Santa”.

The weeble wobble house was the coolest thing on earth.   But thanks to my brothers we learned very quickly that the house couldn’t survive an explosion.   You see, my brothers thought it would be funny to load it with firecrackers and set it on fire.   I can still hear the explosion.

Yeah, not so funny.   To my brothers, I thank you for taking the beatings from Dad for all of my wrong doings, for protecting the baby girl in the family.   But you guys deserved that one.   RIP Weeble Wobbles!