The Proposal

img044What do you do when you are both in your forties and contemplating getting married, again, for the third time?  I must say he did it well.

I didn’t live with him, but he did propose to me in the house I helped him pick out.  The same place we would later call our home.   I was standing in the kitchen waiting to go out on a dinner date.  He was leaning on the counter and seemed to be a bit nervous.  He had a blue piece of paper in his hand and I thought to myself “… it can’t be divorce papers we weren’t even married yet …”   It was a poem he had printed from the internet.  When he read it aloud to me it didn’t matter that he hadn’t written it because I could feel the love he had for me.   He proposed and I told him I would have to think about it.  Haha. Just kidding.  I eagerly accepted.

Turns out it was a really good thing I had accepted his proposal.   Our pre-planned dinner date turned out to be a party at Baker Street Pub where we had our first meeting the year before.  He had arranged for friends and family to be there before we arrived.   I’m glad he was so confident that I would accept his proposal!

After a night of fun and celebration we went back to his house to wake up to a beautiful sunrise.  One I can never forget because now I get to wake to it every morning.

We were married in a small ceremony with family and friends four months later.   His two sons stood up for him. And my two sons stood up for me.  Both of us had lost our fathers earlier in life but we were both blessed to have our mothers with us.

That was August 22, 2008.  Five years ago today.    We have been through alot and will no doubt go through much more.  And although our story is not your traditional fairy tale romance, we definitely live up to that old cliche of saving the best for last!

5 responses

  1. This was so cute. Does he still copy you poems? Hungarian Work Horse could never do that because he only knows how to check the weather and play solitaire on the computer.

    1. He framed me a beautiful letter he wrote for me straight from the heart. I’m very blessed.

  2. Ahh, so sweet! Happy Anniversary! I agree with you, he did it very well! Have you ever noticed that fairy tales aren’t always what they are cracked up to be, so I’m sure you guys are doing just fine! Oh yeah, he gets the girl in the end, but there’s a whole lot of drama in between, and who wants the drama?! 🙂 You have each other, and that’s all that matters now. I hope you have many more wonderful years together with maybe a few more poems along the way!
    Celebrate the two of you and have a wonderful week-end!


    1. I read something like ” …all fairy tales have an ending while true love lasts forever …” I’ll take that.

      1. Oh me too! Now that sounds more like it! 🙂

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