For Mom


Mom Collage

Dear Mom:

I know it hasn’t even been two years since your journey to Our Father in heaven, but some days it seems like a lifetime ago that we sat together and talked and laughed and cried as Mothers and Daughters do.   I know we promised you that we would not drift apart from each other when you were gone, but being in Branson for our first family reunion without you is bittersweet.    We hope to get together every other year on your birthday so we can celebrate your life and fulfill our promise to you.   Maybe those of us who could not make it this year will make it in 2015.    We all did our part in the kitchen, although none of us attempted to make your potato salad or baked beans.   I don’t know, I just don’t  think any of us are ready for that yet.    I know you are happy.  I hope that you are looking down on us with a proud heart and a tender smile.   I need to keep this short, Mom.   I miss you so much.   The more I write, the more I long to hear your laughter and feel your hugs.

I love you,


7 responses

  1. I love your post and the glowing spirit that appears within! Blessings and hugs…have a wonderful week Monique!

    1. Thank you! Your blog brightens my day.

  2. Ahh Monique, I know the feeling of these sentiments only too well. I’m so sorry for your loss, I know it’s a deep pain that takes a long time to heal. But the days will get better, and the pain won’t be as intense. Hold on to those sweet memories.
    Give yourself some time…I know you will be able to make her potato salad and baked beans again…and when you do, it will make you happy 🙂
    Hang in there!

    1. Carey Donamaria | Reply

      That is so cool. I loved what you wrote in there about Mom. You know I was sitting in the recliner this morning and looked up to the heavens and wished Mom a Happy Birthday. Told her how much I miss her and that I Love her. I think about her all the time. But what gets me though is that smile on her face as she left this earth and went to be with The Lord. Knowing that she is not hurting anymore and that one day I will see her again.

      1. Yep! One day for sure!

  3. With each passing year I realize more and more there are moments in life more important than work, career, business. Those times spent with family whether at home or in a new place stay with us. I hope my children always remember what it has taken me so long to realize. I have always said and now am growing to understand more fully that there is nothing more important I can do with my time than to give it to someone else. Lord teach us to number our days.

    1. I just read your comment. You are a beautiful writer and should start a blog yourself!

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